How to attach a Cat 6 Cable

Cat 6 cables are used in lot of industries now-a-days to shift information among computer units, including computers, home theater devices, video game consoles and network switches and hubs. The transfer rate of cat 6 cables is higher as compared to cat 5 cables. To connect a cat 6 cable between two devices, you will have to undergo a particular process.
  1. Locate the port where you will attach the cat 6 cable in, in the system. The port is of a shape of the wire.
  2. At one end of the cat 6 cables there is a RJ45 connector attached. Connect this to the Ethernet port, lining up the connector such that it fixes to the curve of the port. Attach the connector properly, unless it is completely connected.
  3. The same way there will be a connector attached to the other end also. Connect this end to the other system in the port available.

How to Test a Cat 5 Cable

A cat 5 is a category 5 cable which when used in surplus can break. This cable is used to connect a computer to the LAN. These cables are used to set a computer network because of its ability to provide numerous clients on one computer network with an online connection. If your cat 5 cable if facing some problem, then testing it is an easy process.
  1. To start the testing process, you will have to first remove it from the computer or the port it is attached to.
  2. Also remove it from the router which gives the internet connection.
  3. Now connect one side of a new and a working Cat 5 cable in the router and the other side on the computer port.

Reinstating a Broken Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers are devices that are used to stop electricity from passing to different areas. A circuit breaker is a sensitive device and can trip again and again if broken. Follow the steps below to replace a circuit breaker.
  1. Ones that you know that your circuit breaker is broken; the very first step is to buy a new circuit breaker from any hardware store nearby. You can ask the hardware keeper about the most reliable brand of breaker.
  2. Take off the cover of the panel by unscrewing the face plate.
  3. There will be two wires present on the side of the circuit breaker, one will be white and the other will be colored.
  4. Slightly release the screw of the white wire, so that it comes out.
  5. Now put a wire nut in the end of the white wire.
  6. Repeat the same process with the colored wire too.

How to Build an Induction Generator in 6 Simple Steps

Induction generator is basically a machine that is used as a motor or a generator. It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. An induction motor is a device that is easy to be made. One can make an induction generator on their own by following the steps below.
  1. First of all take a squirrel cage motor. These squirrel cage motors can be found in washing machines, dryers or any other electrical equipment.
  2. Now that you have taken a motor, drive it little above the RPM that is mentioned on it. Add captivators that are equivalent with the control lead of the motor.
  3. Now bring on an alternating current through the capacitance. By bringing this AC current, the current is put into the conductors of the rotors. This happens because the power is taken from the motor control leads which are in equivalent.

How Proximity Switch Works

The Fundamentals:
A proximity switch is a device that detects an object that is close to it. It automatically opens the electric circuit when a certain object comes in contact with or close to it. These proximity switches are used in many areas today. Some of the most common uses of proximity switches are in security systems, manufacturing equipment and robotics. There are 4 main types of proximity switches viz infrared, acoustic, capacitive, and inductive.

Active Proximity Switch:
An active proximity switch distinguishes things by transferring and monitoring indications. The signals are sent immediately depending upon the distance of the object. The closer the object is, more quickly the signals will be sent. Ones the signals are sent, the proximity switch activates the circuit. E.g. an automatic door opens as soon as it detects someone in front of it.

Rewiring a Motion Sensor Light in 6 Simple Steps

A motion sensor is a device that converts the detection of motion into electricity. Whenever it senses any motion taking place it turns the lights on automatically. If this fails to happen then your motion sensor light needs to be rewired. The rewiring of a motion sensor light is easy if you carry out the proper procedure and preserve safety.
  1. The first and the most common step is to turn the circuit breaker off from the central board.
  2. Now switch on the light and check whether it is on or off with the help of a tester. The tester will light if the sensor is still on. Carry on with the process ones you are sure that the sensor is off.
  3. Take a screwdriver and remove the junction box plate. Ones the junction box is taken off twist the wire nuts.

Learn the Procedure of How to Install a Light Timer

Light timers are guides that help you find out the heavy-duty lights that are kept on in your house. Keeping light on unnecessarily can result in a tremendous loss of energy. Installing light timers can ensure that the lights are turned off and help in saving a lot of precious energy. Installing a light timer in your house is an extremely easy and trouble-free process to perform.
  1. First step is to turn off the main switch from the circuit breaker.
  2. Take a screwdriver and unscrew the faceplate of the light switch. Remove the plate out and check whether the electricity is not been passed with the help of a tester.
  3. If the electricity is off then carry on with the process. Remove the wire connectors by unscrewing the old lights from the walls. This way the lights will be disconnected.

How to Join Two Telephone Cables

You must have seen houses where there are two telephone lines attached. If you are wondering how this can be possible, then i give you the answer. This is possible with the use of a RJ11 coupler. RJ11 coupler is a connector on the conclusion of the phone cable. You can connect two RJ11 cables to get two different phone lines. Its application is extremely simple:
  1. First take one phone line and connect it to one of the RJ11 ports on the coupler.
  2. Now connect the other end of the phone line to the wall jack.
  3. Now take the second phone line and connect it to the other RJ11 slot on the coupler.
  4. Connect the other end of the line to the RJ11 port on the phone. Your connection is complete.

How to Reseat USB & Power Cables

Re-seating a USB or a power cable is an easy task to do. USB or power cables are the equipments that attach you’re the peripheral equipment, such as computers, hard drives, printers, modems, cameras, etc. to its power supply. These power cables become loose, so it is important to check them form time to time. If these cables become loose, your equipment will not work. Some precautions needs to taken before re-seating a USB or a power cable.
  1. Firstly, shut down or switch off the equipment to which the cable is attached.
  2. Take out the plug out of the socket slowly by switching the power switch off.
  3. Now properly insert the cable back into the power socket. Make sure that the plug is fully inserted into the socket.

How to Troubleshoot Electric Motor Starters

If your electric motor starter is facing problems then its troubleshooting can be a problematic task. But ones you have thoroughly understood its basics then troubleshooting can be done without mush trouble. Follow these steps to troubleshoot an electric motor starter:
  1. The first step to perform is to wear safety glasses and switch off all the connections. Take all the precautions before starting the troubleshooting. Switch off the volt-ohm meter to volts and place the leads to the incoming power. The voltage should read 0.
  2. Check that all the screws are tight with the help of a screwdriver. Also heck the wires for any burnt or black discoloration. If so, then immediately replace the wires with a new one.

How an Electric Brake Motor Works

Electric motor brakes can basically make an electric motor turn backwards. The motor brakes supply the electric motor with an external force, instead of an electric force to make the shaft in the motor run. This external force is usually applied by the wheels of the car that generate electricity.

There are two separate coils of wire in a motor that are located constructively around a permanent magnet which is connected to the central shaft. When electricity passes through these wires, a magnetic field is generated that makes the motor work. The central magnet alternates and results in a continuous feeling of rotation on the magnet. As per the alignment of the central magnet, the magnetic field turns on and off consecutively, thus making the magnet turn.

Learn How a Gear Motor Works

A gear motor is basically a type of electric motor. Just as an electric motor, a gear motor also does not electricity to rotate the blade connected to the shaft. It makes use of an external force to rotate the shaft. This external force is converted into electricity to run the motor. In a gear motor, the energy produced is consumed to rotate a sequence of gears in a cohesive gear train.

There are two main types of gear motors viz. AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current).

The gear reduction system or the gear box is the integral part of a gear motor. The gear box contains either permanent magnets or electromagnets which produces magnetic current. A shaft is connected to the gear box that helps in aggregating the quantity of continuous torque the motor can produce and at the same time reduces the motor's output speed. This is the reason that the motor will not need to pull much current to work and will move slowly and deliver more current.

How to Make Different Types of Fire starters in different methods

Lighting up a fire in a serene place is the most difficult task to perform. Fire starters are devices that are considered as the most reliable way of generating a fire in the backwoods or wilderness. A fire starter can help you lit fire with ease in any type of situation. Instead of buying a fire starter and spending big bucks, all you can do is make one on your own.

Below are some of the ways in which you can make a home-made fire starter:
  1. The finest and the most ancient way of lighting fire is by using flint and steel. Flint is a type of stone which when collided with a piece of steel forcefully, can produce hot sparks. These hot sparks are beneficial enough to light dry tinder.
  2. The second method is by using a web belt or a hiking compression band. First of all cut the old, damaged web belt or hiking compression band into 8 cm strips. Soak these strips in wax and let them dry for a while. Now whenever you need light, use them as candle.

How to Save Electricity by Using Timers and Sensors

It has always been an issue of strain to conserve electricity. There are ways in which one can save electricity. One of which is by using timers and sensors. Using timers and sensors can help you save electricity to a large extent. Timers and sensors are equipment’s that can be used to as clocks that turn on and off as and when an electric device is used. They work on daily or weekly basis. These sensors are easily available at any hardware store, but one should follow that appropriate instructions to install them.

There are various kinds of such timers and sensors that help in reducing electricity:

How to Create a Simple Pulley on Your Own

A pulley is a device made of a wheel or shaft that may have a channel within two projections around its perimeter. A pulley is made of a single wheel and with a path for a cable or a rope at the wheels edge. They come in different forms and sizes used to lift objects of different weights. The huge pulleys are made in factories, whereas small pulleys can also be hand-made. One has to follow the following steps to make a pulley:
  1. The first step is to remove a wheel from somewhere. You can decide the wheel size depending upon the size of pulley you want to make.
  2. If you have removed a wheel from a cycle or a vehicle, remove the tire on it.
  3. Now take a long wire that can be protracted from one side of the wheel, round the path of the wheel outside and to the other end of the wheel. The wire should have 4 inch of extra wire on each ends. Make sure that the wheel spins.

How to Fix a V-Belt on Your Own

V-belt is a belt that controls different fittings on the front of the engine. These belts are V-shaped, that helps in tracking in the coupling channel in the pulley, so that the belt cannot slide off. The fittings that these belts control are power steering pump, air conditioner pump, alternator and the water pump. It consists of various links that can be adjusted by disassembling or removing as per the requirements. Each V-belt is channeled around the attachment pulleys by the crankshaft pulley by an adjustment support. The fixing of a V-belt is a complicated process. One has to be safe and follow a proper procedure to do it.
  1. The first and foremost step is to open the car bonnet and place it safely, to avoid any later complications.
  2. Now check the old v-belt properly. Identify which belt is not tensioned properly and what is the reason for it. Check out what is the problem of the belt in the adjustment bracket.

Electrical Matting for Switchgears

Electrical switchgears are an arrangement of electrical fuses or circuit breakers used to segregate electricity among the electrical equipments. They operate either with high voltage or low voltage of electricity passing through it continuously. Due to any mishmash or blunder, the electricity can be thrown out and can be dangerous. Thus there should always be special matting at the foot of the equipment or at the switchboards. This matting is made through rubber, as rubber is a disincentive for electricity. Electrical Switchgear matting is electrically tested and is accessible in different thicknesses and in a fluted shape. Appropriate for padding purposes the rubber matting is sold in 11.5m rolls or by the linear meter.

Check the Level of Your Car's Differential Gear Oil

Differentials are devices used in cars that permit the rear wheels to turn at the same speed when cornering. These are a set of gears filled with gear oil. Gear oil present in the differentials, greases the inner components of the car and gives them a longer functional existence period. There are different ways to check differential gear oil in different cars, but usually the whole bottom of the differential should be full. One should have a habit of checking the gear oil from time to time to make sure that there are no leaks.

The following steps can help you learn to check the differential gear oil, to avoid any further tribulations.

Share Files Between Two Computers Using a LAN Cables

LAN cables are a twisted pair of unshielded cables that are used for various computer purposes. One of their functions includes copying files from one computer to another. These cables can also be used to connect laptops to each other. LAN cables look like Ethernet cables, thus one should be very careful before buying them. There are various types of LAN Cables that are identified with category rating. It depends on the features of the system, on which category cable will be best suited for your computer. Using a LAN cable for transferring files is the most easy and speedy process.

Fixing PVC Pipes Without Cutting

PVC Pipes are used for all the plumbing purpose in the houses. Due to its reasonable cost, it is used for a lot of purposes instead of copper or steel pipes. It is made of rigid, plastic material and thus needs to be used very carefully. It gets crack easily causing a leakage in the pipe. You can use the following instructions to fix the PVC leak without cutting out:
  1. The first step is to find out where the leakage is. Sometimes the leak is not visible easily, so find it to fix the leak.
  2. After inspecting about the location of the leak, shut down the water from the main valve.
  3. Now start the process of fixing by sealing all the opening of the pipe. Leave one leak open which will be used as a vacuum. Now fix the vacuum to the plumbing system.

Make your Room look Neater by Arranging the Wires and Cables more Tidily

With so many electronic items coming into every home, it has become very difficult to arrange the wires and cables so that they do not create a mess in your house or office. It is important to keep these wires and cables untangled and neat. If your house or office is filled with confusing cords, it can prove out to be a lengthy process and dangerous too. You can try the following tips to organize your electronic wires and cables:
  1. The first tip is to untangle the wires and cords so that you can know precisely what wire is of what device. You can do this either by disconnecting the wires or leave them connected. But it is recommended to switch off the plugs before doing this to avoid any risks of getting an electric shock. 
  2. Now that you very clearly know what wires is used for what purpose, it is significant to estimate their importance. By this process you will know which wires or cables are useless and you can throw them away. This will reduce your burden automatically.

Wiring of Light Socket into the Plug

Electricity is all about plugs and sockets. Plugs and sockets are the devices that help in connecting electrically operated devices to the power supply. All the electrical devices have to be rewired and restored. This way the devices usefulness as well as your personal safety increase. When a lamp is bought, just as other electrical devices it is safe to rewire and restore it. Replacing the lamp cord can be a tricky process. One will have to follow a step by step method to make it happen. Ones you have succeeded in connecting one end of the wire to the socket interior, the next step is to add the plug to the other end:

  1. Take a lamp cord and carefully give it a straight cut at the end of it with a wire cutter. 
  2. The replacement plug that is to be used should then be disassembled. It consists of two parts. One is the outer body and the other is the inner body where the prongs are situated. The lamp cord will be inserted in the outer part slot.

Troubleshooting Electric Motors

Solving an Electric Motor problem proactively on your own or troubleshooting an electric motor can save you a lot of money and time. If the problem if small it is better to solve it on your own, but if the problem turns out to be severe, then there are always repair shops available to repair them. Troubleshooting contains some steps that you should keep in mind:
  1. If your electric motor is giving you a problem, then the first step would be to test what the problem is. An ohmmeter or a test lamp can be used to do the testing. This way you will know whether your motor can be repaired or has to be replaced.
  2. Put on your safety glasses to start the process.