How to Troubleshoot Electric Motor Starters

If your electric motor starter is facing problems then its troubleshooting can be a problematic task. But ones you have thoroughly understood its basics then troubleshooting can be done without mush trouble. Follow these steps to troubleshoot an electric motor starter:
  1. The first step to perform is to wear safety glasses and switch off all the connections. Take all the precautions before starting the troubleshooting. Switch off the volt-ohm meter to volts and place the leads to the incoming power. The voltage should read 0.
  2. Check that all the screws are tight with the help of a screwdriver. Also heck the wires for any burnt or black discoloration. If so, then immediately replace the wires with a new one.
  3. Now check the contentiousness on the fuses that shield the motor starter circuit with the help of a volt-ohm meter. If the starter is a three-phase starter, then it may have three main fuses joint with two or three control circuit fuses.
  4. And finally, check the bottom of the motor starter where there are overload heaters located. If these heaters have become corroded then, tear a minor part of emery cloth and make use of the positioned screwdriver to clean and polish the surface. If it is colored in deep purple or blue then it is over heated. Clean the mating surface and substitute all of the overload heaters if needed.


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