Learn the Procedure of How to Install a Light Timer

Light timers are guides that help you find out the heavy-duty lights that are kept on in your house. Keeping light on unnecessarily can result in a tremendous loss of energy. Installing light timers can ensure that the lights are turned off and help in saving a lot of precious energy. Installing a light timer in your house is an extremely easy and trouble-free process to perform.
  1. First step is to turn off the main switch from the circuit breaker.
  2. Take a screwdriver and unscrew the faceplate of the light switch. Remove the plate out and check whether the electricity is not been passed with the help of a tester.
  3. If the electricity is off then carry on with the process. Remove the wire connectors by unscrewing the old lights from the walls. This way the lights will be disconnected.
  4. Now take out ¾-inch of padding from the wire by making use of a wire stripper.
  5. Now connect the black grounding wire to the green grounding wire that is present on your new switch timer. Attach the black wire with the black wire and the white wire from the wall to another black wire present on the timer. Wind the wire connector above the pairs of wires and cloak the foot of the connector with electrical tape to grasp it in place.
  6. Put the wires back in the wall and cover the hole of the wall with the faceplate. Tighten all the screws properly and turn on the main board to test the timer.


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