How to attach a Cat 6 Cable

Cat 6 cables are used in lot of industries now-a-days to shift information among computer units, including computers, home theater devices, video game consoles and network switches and hubs. The transfer rate of cat 6 cables is higher as compared to cat 5 cables. To connect a cat 6 cable between two devices, you will have to undergo a particular process.
  1. Locate the port where you will attach the cat 6 cable in, in the system. The port is of a shape of the wire.
  2. At one end of the cat 6 cables there is a RJ45 connector attached. Connect this to the Ethernet port, lining up the connector such that it fixes to the curve of the port. Attach the connector properly, unless it is completely connected.
  3. The same way there will be a connector attached to the other end also. Connect this end to the other system in the port available.

How to Test a Cat 5 Cable

A cat 5 is a category 5 cable which when used in surplus can break. This cable is used to connect a computer to the LAN. These cables are used to set a computer network because of its ability to provide numerous clients on one computer network with an online connection. If your cat 5 cable if facing some problem, then testing it is an easy process.
  1. To start the testing process, you will have to first remove it from the computer or the port it is attached to.
  2. Also remove it from the router which gives the internet connection.
  3. Now connect one side of a new and a working Cat 5 cable in the router and the other side on the computer port.

Reinstating a Broken Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers are devices that are used to stop electricity from passing to different areas. A circuit breaker is a sensitive device and can trip again and again if broken. Follow the steps below to replace a circuit breaker.
  1. Ones that you know that your circuit breaker is broken; the very first step is to buy a new circuit breaker from any hardware store nearby. You can ask the hardware keeper about the most reliable brand of breaker.
  2. Take off the cover of the panel by unscrewing the face plate.
  3. There will be two wires present on the side of the circuit breaker, one will be white and the other will be colored.
  4. Slightly release the screw of the white wire, so that it comes out.
  5. Now put a wire nut in the end of the white wire.
  6. Repeat the same process with the colored wire too.

How to Build an Induction Generator in 6 Simple Steps

Induction generator is basically a machine that is used as a motor or a generator. It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. An induction motor is a device that is easy to be made. One can make an induction generator on their own by following the steps below.
  1. First of all take a squirrel cage motor. These squirrel cage motors can be found in washing machines, dryers or any other electrical equipment.
  2. Now that you have taken a motor, drive it little above the RPM that is mentioned on it. Add captivators that are equivalent with the control lead of the motor.
  3. Now bring on an alternating current through the capacitance. By bringing this AC current, the current is put into the conductors of the rotors. This happens because the power is taken from the motor control leads which are in equivalent.

How Proximity Switch Works

The Fundamentals:
A proximity switch is a device that detects an object that is close to it. It automatically opens the electric circuit when a certain object comes in contact with or close to it. These proximity switches are used in many areas today. Some of the most common uses of proximity switches are in security systems, manufacturing equipment and robotics. There are 4 main types of proximity switches viz infrared, acoustic, capacitive, and inductive.

Active Proximity Switch:
An active proximity switch distinguishes things by transferring and monitoring indications. The signals are sent immediately depending upon the distance of the object. The closer the object is, more quickly the signals will be sent. Ones the signals are sent, the proximity switch activates the circuit. E.g. an automatic door opens as soon as it detects someone in front of it.