How to Test a Cat 5 Cable

A cat 5 is a category 5 cable which when used in surplus can break. This cable is used to connect a computer to the LAN. These cables are used to set a computer network because of its ability to provide numerous clients on one computer network with an online connection. If your cat 5 cable if facing some problem, then testing it is an easy process.
  1. To start the testing process, you will have to first remove it from the computer or the port it is attached to.
  2. Also remove it from the router which gives the internet connection.
  3. Now connect one side of a new and a working Cat 5 cable in the router and the other side on the computer port.
  4. Now connect the internet in your system, if you are able to connect to the internet then your cat 5 cable was broken, but if it does not work even then, then there may be a problem with some other part of your computer.


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