Siemens is one of the largest electrical engineering and Electronics Company. Siemens selected Vashi Electricals as its authorised dealer in 1983 and since then it has been associated with the company. It has let Vashi Electricals win many awards. Siemens is a manufacturer of a number of electrical products like motors, switch gears, starters, MCB’s & DB’s, etc.

  • Convenient and Portable.
  • High Dependability and Operating Time.
  • Less Life Cycle Rate.
  • Power Reduction Tool

Switch Gears
  • Highly Consistent and Reliable
  • Low Life Cycle Cost
  • Minimum Maintenance Required
  • Fits in a Small Space Area
  • Supreme Protection

  • Requires Less Space Area.
  • Broad Electrical Energy keeps the Amount of Variations Less
  • Due to its Compact Size, it Decreases Manufacturing and Fitting Effort
  • Augments Plant Accessibility

M C B's & D B's
  • Used for Life Time Protection
  • Suitable for Reverse Feed Connections
  • Auto Tripping During Short Circuit
  • Appropriate for Branch Circuit Protection as well as Feeder Applications
Siemens Products