Cut Short Your Electricity Bill by Using Timer Switches

Paying electricity bills have become a matter of concern for every household now-a-days. All the equipments of our everyday use work on electricity and this is the reason that we just cannot think of cut shorting our electricity bills even a bit. There are timer switches made for this reason. Timer switches help in reducing the usage of the electrical appliances at your home, and in turn reduce your electricity bill.
  1. The very first step is to determine which devices at your home consume the most electricity. Make a list of devices that more important and that are less important. For e.g. fridge is one device that has to be plugged in for the whole day.
  2. We can’t do anything with the devices that need to be plugged in whole day. While for the rest of the devices that are used only sometimes, make a schedule for when they are to be used and when not.
  3. This list will enable you to know about the devices that you used to keep plugged in unnecessarily.
  4. Consider the devices whose working time you want to limit, and buy a timer switch for each of them. If any two devices share a common working time frame then plug those devices into a power strip. And connect any one device to the timer switch.
  5. Organize the timer to switch on at the start of your planned use hours and off at the time when you normally don't utilize it.
  6. Repeat the same process with all the devices that you want to limit.
  7. This way you can save a lot of energy and money and in turn reduce your electricity bill.


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