Finolex is the most diversified largest cable manufacturers in the country. Finolex appointed its authorized dealership to Vashi Electricals in 1988. Since then Vashi electricals have been distributing many well-known products manufactured by Finolex all over Mumbai as well as in the global market place. The products manufactured by Finolex include wires, cables, PVC pipes, etc.

  • High authentication effectiveness
  • Heavy duty
  • Flame resistant
  • Fire survival

  • Used efficiently to carry higher current
  • Can be used to replace higher sizes of cables
  • These cables can be safely functioned under extreme temperatures from -400C to 1050C
  • Are popular worldwide for their abrasion resistant nature. This makes them less prone to damage

PVC Pipes
  • No solvent cement required
  • Effortless and suitable mechanism
  • Can be used in extreme temperatures
  • Deflection of pipes can be easily accommodated upto 2degree per joint
Finolex Products