How to Insulate Electrical Switches

All the electrical switches in the house should be insulated properly to avoid any disaster to happen in the house. Insulating can also help in saving electricity and in turn you will get reduced electricity bills.
  1. The very first step is to switch the power of the circuit breaker as well as of all the equipments off. Ones you have done that test the electricity with the tester to make sure that the circuit is off.
  2. Now take a screw driver and remove the cover plate and the switch. Now spray the foam amid the walls and exterior rim of the electrical box.
  3. Now that you have sprayed the foam, take an unused cloth or a piece of cotton to wipe off the extra foam from the walls and the switch.
  4. Now attach the cover plates and the switches back with the help of a screw driver.

How a Variable Frequency Drive Works

A variable frequency drive is a device that helps machineries to save energy. Variable frequency drives for are able to precisely manage the speed and power applied to the machine.

A variable frequency drive is made of an inductor motor that is controlled by varying the voltage that is supplied. This helps in altering the frequency or speed of the motor. Making use of a rectifier element or the semiconductors that converts the provided alternating current, or AC, to direct current, or DC, the control is then moved to electronic switches that swap the DC off and on, generating the fresh frequency or speed specific for the motor.

Cut Short Your Electricity Bill by Using Timer Switches

Paying electricity bills have become a matter of concern for every household now-a-days. All the equipments of our everyday use work on electricity and this is the reason that we just cannot think of cut shorting our electricity bills even a bit. There are timer switches made for this reason. Timer switches help in reducing the usage of the electrical appliances at your home, and in turn reduce your electricity bill.
  1. The very first step is to determine which devices at your home consume the most electricity. Make a list of devices that more important and that are less important. For e.g. fridge is one device that has to be plugged in for the whole day.
  2. We can’t do anything with the devices that need to be plugged in whole day. While for the rest of the devices that are used only sometimes, make a schedule for when they are to be used and when not.
  3. This list will enable you to know about the devices that you used to keep plugged in unnecessarily.

How to attach a Cat 6 Cable

Cat 6 cables are used in lot of industries now-a-days to shift information among computer units, including computers, home theater devices, video game consoles and network switches and hubs. The transfer rate of cat 6 cables is higher as compared to cat 5 cables. To connect a cat 6 cable between two devices, you will have to undergo a particular process.
  1. Locate the port where you will attach the cat 6 cable in, in the system. The port is of a shape of the wire.
  2. At one end of the cat 6 cables there is a RJ45 connector attached. Connect this to the Ethernet port, lining up the connector such that it fixes to the curve of the port. Attach the connector properly, unless it is completely connected.
  3. The same way there will be a connector attached to the other end also. Connect this end to the other system in the port available.

How to Test a Cat 5 Cable

A cat 5 is a category 5 cable which when used in surplus can break. This cable is used to connect a computer to the LAN. These cables are used to set a computer network because of its ability to provide numerous clients on one computer network with an online connection. If your cat 5 cable if facing some problem, then testing it is an easy process.
  1. To start the testing process, you will have to first remove it from the computer or the port it is attached to.
  2. Also remove it from the router which gives the internet connection.
  3. Now connect one side of a new and a working Cat 5 cable in the router and the other side on the computer port.