How to attach a Cat 6 Cable

Cat 6 cables are used in lot of industries now-a-days to shift information among computer units, including computers, home theater devices, video game consoles and network switches and hubs. The transfer rate of cat 6 cables is higher as compared to cat 5 cables. To connect a cat 6 cable between two devices, you will have to undergo a particular process.
  1. Locate the port where you will attach the cat 6 cable in, in the system. The port is of a shape of the wire.
  2. At one end of the cat 6 cables there is a RJ45 connector attached. Connect this to the Ethernet port, lining up the connector such that it fixes to the curve of the port. Attach the connector properly, unless it is completely connected.
  3. The same way there will be a connector attached to the other end also. Connect this end to the other system in the port available.
  4. Now that the two systems are attached, hide the wire so that it does not look messy and does not create any obstacle.


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