How to Build an Induction Generator in 6 Simple Steps

Induction generator is basically a machine that is used as a motor or a generator. It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. An induction motor is a device that is easy to be made. One can make an induction generator on their own by following the steps below.
  1. First of all take a squirrel cage motor. These squirrel cage motors can be found in washing machines, dryers or any other electrical equipment.
  2. Now that you have taken a motor, drive it little above the RPM that is mentioned on it. Add captivators that are equivalent with the control lead of the motor.
  3. Now bring on an alternating current through the capacitance. By bringing this AC current, the current is put into the conductors of the rotors. This happens because the power is taken from the motor control leads which are in equivalent.
  4. During the process of building the induction generator, speed up the motor. This makes the rotors to generate residual magnetism.
  5. If your motor does not start, then apply a 12 volts DC.
  6. Keep in mind to only switch off the motor when no load is connected. If this happens before the load is connected, the rotor could demagnetize and no power will be generated.


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