Check the Level of Your Car's Differential Gear Oil

Differentials are devices used in cars that permit the rear wheels to turn at the same speed when cornering. These are a set of gears filled with gear oil. Gear oil present in the differentials, greases the inner components of the car and gives them a longer functional existence period. There are different ways to check differential gear oil in different cars, but usually the whole bottom of the differential should be full. One should have a habit of checking the gear oil from time to time to make sure that there are no leaks.

The following steps can help you learn to check the differential gear oil, to avoid any further tribulations.
  1. First of all, park your car in a place where there is a lot of space to perform the procedure.
  2. Shut off the engine of the car.
  3. Find out the location of the differential in your car. It could be on the rear-wheel or on the front-wheel. If it is on the rear-wheel, it will be beneath the rear middle part of the car, amid the two rear wheels.
  4. It is shaped and sized like a pumpkin.
  5. Pick up the part of car using a jack and locate the bolt on the differential.
  6. Use a device or a socket to loosen the bolt by turning it anti clockwise.
  7. Ones you have removed the bolt, check the level of the gear oil in it. The gear oil should be in level with the bolt hole.
  8. If the level is low then add some more gear oil and put back the bolt. Make sure you're using gear oil of the right density which is usually "90-weight."
  9. Finally remove the jack attached to the car.


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