How to Create a Simple Pulley on Your Own

A pulley is a device made of a wheel or shaft that may have a channel within two projections around its perimeter. A pulley is made of a single wheel and with a path for a cable or a rope at the wheels edge. They come in different forms and sizes used to lift objects of different weights. The huge pulleys are made in factories, whereas small pulleys can also be hand-made. One has to follow the following steps to make a pulley:
  1. The first step is to remove a wheel from somewhere. You can decide the wheel size depending upon the size of pulley you want to make.
  2. If you have removed a wheel from a cycle or a vehicle, remove the tire on it.
  3. Now take a long wire that can be protracted from one side of the wheel, round the path of the wheel outside and to the other end of the wheel. The wire should have 4 inch of extra wire on each ends. Make sure that the wheel spins.
  4. Now use small pincers to close the ends of the wires properly and twist the wire into the gap.
  5. Now take a strong rope or a cable and run it around the loop in the wire. Now run it around the rim of the wheel.
  6. Make sure that the rope you select is long enough, as it is the one that has to lift objects. The rope should move easily around the wheel.
  7. Now that the pulley is ready, hang it to a beam.
  8. Now tie the object to be lifted by the rope.
  9. And lift the object by pulling the rope from the opposite side, until it reaches the desired height.
Your pulley is ready. This pulley can help you move objects in your house with ease.


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