How to Fix a V-Belt on Your Own

V-belt is a belt that controls different fittings on the front of the engine. These belts are V-shaped, that helps in tracking in the coupling channel in the pulley, so that the belt cannot slide off. The fittings that these belts control are power steering pump, air conditioner pump, alternator and the water pump. It consists of various links that can be adjusted by disassembling or removing as per the requirements. Each V-belt is channeled around the attachment pulleys by the crankshaft pulley by an adjustment support. The fixing of a V-belt is a complicated process. One has to be safe and follow a proper procedure to do it.
  1. The first and foremost step is to open the car bonnet and place it safely, to avoid any later complications.
  2. Now check the old v-belt properly. Identify which belt is not tensioned properly and what is the reason for it. Check out what is the problem of the belt in the adjustment bracket.
  3. Ones you have determined the belt with the problem, loosen the locking bolt on the front of the adjustment bracket to the center. Now turn the locking bolt on the end of the adjustment bracket anti-clockwise to loosen the V-belt.
  4. After the belt is loosened, pull it out of the engine and insert the new V-belt in the same place inside the accessory pulleys.
  5. Now turn the locking bolt at the end clockwise to tighten the belt. Check whether the belt is properly tensioned by pressing it. It should not have more than 1/2 inch of slack in it.
  6. Now tighten the locking bolt at the center to the front of the adjustment bracket.
  7. Now check whether the belt is correctly inserted by starting the engine. Ones that is done, close the bonnet.
Following the steps above, can get your V-belt mounted correctly.


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