Wiring of Light Socket into the Plug

Electricity is all about plugs and sockets. Plugs and sockets are the devices that help in connecting electrically operated devices to the power supply. All the electrical devices have to be rewired and restored. This way the devices usefulness as well as your personal safety increase. When a lamp is bought, just as other electrical devices it is safe to rewire and restore it. Replacing the lamp cord can be a tricky process. One will have to follow a step by step method to make it happen. Ones you have succeeded in connecting one end of the wire to the socket interior, the next step is to add the plug to the other end:

  1. Take a lamp cord and carefully give it a straight cut at the end of it with a wire cutter. 
  2. The replacement plug that is to be used should then be disassembled. It consists of two parts. One is the outer body and the other is the inner body where the prongs are situated. The lamp cord will be inserted in the outer part slot.
  3. Now that the plug is set apart, put the end of cord through the outer part slot. 
  4. Now put back the inner part of the plug, so that the prongs are hinged. The prongs have a sharpened metal spur that should then be spread open.
  5. Slot in the ending of the lamp cord into the hole at the top of the inner part of the plug. Press the two prongs back down into place. This allows the prongs to make direct contact with the copper wires inside.
  6. Slip the outer part down over the inner part of the plug and force down firmly until it is flush with the lower border of the shell.
  7. Now finally fasten the screws of the light bulb and plug the replaced wire into the wall and turn on the lamp.
The best part about replacement plugs is that they are very reasonably priced and are available at all hardware stores and home improvement retailers


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